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Norwegian updates its logo

When a senior airline official wants to leave his mark, he changes the logo or corporate colors. There is a reason why the leader in Europe has probably never spent a single euro on these things and yet it is the most profitable.

But Norwegian and its management have considered that “after twenty years, it is time for modernization, with a warmer and clearer image.” You know, well, you have to feel warm with this new image.

According to Kristoffer Sundby, Norwegian’s Director of Market and Customer Service, the demands of today’s public are not the same as those of twenty years ago and that is why the brand has to reflect that evolution.

The new image has a greater variety of colors and new typography. It is not known if this means a change in the image of the planes, which have a red nose and white body, with an image on the tail, usually of a relevant character.

The company said the new look will be phased in starting in March, likely first on digital media. The planes only have the name quite small, in a corner.

Source: Preferente



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