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Only 24 qualified pilots at the most complicated airport

You can always argue which airport is the most difficult in the world because of the challenges it poses, but everyone admits that Paro, Bhutan, is among them. Its dangers are so many that there are only 24 pilots who are authorized to operate there. There are a hundred different problems to deal with. The worst thing, experts explain, is that it is not technology that works there but rather the skills of the pilot. Eyes and experience are vital.

Everything is impressive: the runway is tremendously short and the approach is horrendous. Just 30 seconds before landing you have to make the last turn.

The airport is located in a valley in the Himalayas, between mountains of well over five thousand meters. Of course, since everything is done by eye, you cannot land at night or in bad weather. Naturally, there is no radar to guide the pilots and everything is manual.

The pilots must know each topographical reference to, in relation to it, establish whether they are going well or not. There is only one VOR that guides the planes.

There are only two airlines in the world that operate in Paro. Of course, both are from Bhutan, Drukair, the state-owned company, which has three A319s and two ATR 42s, and another private one, Bhutan Airlines, which has two 319s. They cover some routes to India, Bangkok and Singapore, so from You always have to fly to Spain with several stops.

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