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Only four airlines still operate the 747, one European

At the end of March, Asiana Airlines retires its last Boeing 747 from the fleet. Fifty years later, almost no one is still flying this plane, although, curiously, one of the large European airlines suggests that it will be one of the last (Goodbye to the last British Airways Boeing 747: from Heathrow to the scrapyard).

As of today, once Asiana retires its last plane, there will still be four companies with the 747 in the fleet.

One of them is Air China, which has both 747 800 and 747 400 (six and three, respectively). The oldest, the 400, no longer leave China, but operate intensively within the country. The newest ones operate on routes to Los Angeles, New York and Frankfurt. There is one more 800 series aircraft that is reserved for VIP flights.

Korean Air also continues to operate the 747, as it has nine units of the 800 variant. It has been using them for years on routes to the United States (Honolulu, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York) and Europe (Paris and London).

For different reasons, Mahan Air, an Iranian airline, still uses a 747 400. It operates it, but little, since it does not have specific routes and occasionally makes internal flights in the country.

And, finally, the European monster Lufthansa, which continues to fly with 27 747 aircraft, more than all airlines, even though it is logically very inefficient by current standards. The German company operates 8 units of the 400 series and 19 of the most modern ones. The company, during the pandemic, said it was withdrawing the fleet, but when the crisis ended it needed its planes and recovered them in their entirety.

Now it hopes that Boeing will deliver new 777s to replace the older ones in the 400 series. But it is estimated that there is still time before we stop seeing the 800s in Frankfurt or Munich, the two large Lufthansa bases.

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