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Pilots fear Southwest sale

Swapa, the union of pilots of Southwest Airlines, the largest low-cost airline in the United States, have hired law firms to prepare the legal defense of their rights in the probable case of the sale of the company (Southwest: you are not a low cost).

The union informed its associates that it will not wait until it is too late to prepare for a sale that is constantly rumored. Their concern is that the new owner will reduce the labor rights they have, which is possible under United States law. Pilots remember that Southwest bought AirTran in 2010 and at the time they were unprepared and suffered the consequences.

They also say that they are not certain of any specific operation but that they fear changes in the situation. Recently, JetBlue signed a preliminary agreement to purchase Spirit, which was finally blocked by the courts, after which it was left in a bad situation in the market. Rumors today suggest that JetBlue could buy or merge with the larger Southwest, for the simple reason that their routes have virtually no overlap. JetBlue is mainly on the East Coast while Southwest operates mainly in the center of the country (Spirit sinks 53% in the stock market when its sale is blocked).

There is also speculation about the purchase of Sun Country, which is notably smaller than JetBlue and also has a compatible fleet of 737 aircraft.

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