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Ryanair announces summer flight cuts due to Boeing crisis

Ryanair will make cuts to its summer schedule as a result of Boeing delays. The manufacturer has already confirmed to the low cost that it will only deliver 40 of the 57 B737 Max that it had to have ready before the end of June (Ryanair asks Boeing to compensate it for the delays).

As the airline’s summer program was designed with a minimum of 50 aircraft incorporated, it will be forced to make adjustments to operations. As it progresses, these will mainly affect Dublin, Milan Malpensa, Warsaw Modlin and four Portuguese airports.

The group’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, states that, despite being “very disappointed by these latest delays, we continue to work with Boeing to maximize the number of new B737 aircraft that will be received at the end of June.” “Now we will work with Boeing to receive the planes during August and September 2024,” he says (Boeing asks Ryanair for help to overhaul its 737Max).

O’Leary emphasizes that “Boeing continues to have Ryanair’s unconditional support as it works through these temporary challenges, and we are confident that its management team, led by Dave Calhoun (CEO) and Brian West (CFO), will resolve these delays in the production and quality control problems in both Wichita and Seattle.”

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