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Ryanair asks Boeing to compensate it for delays

Michael O’Leary’s patience has run out. Ryanair has been accepting the constant delays in aircraft deliveries by Boeing, even going so far as to send engineers to help put order in the quality controls at the American manufacturer. But now he goes one step further: to pay them compensation because their internal chaos is delaying the airline’s growth (Ryanair warns Boeing: “You have more work to do to improve quality”).

According to the Financial Times, as of today, Ryanair does not know how many planes it will be able to fly this summer because it does not know how many units the manufacturer will be able to deliver. Ryanair joins with its request the demand from Copa de Panama and Alaska who want compensation for the losses generated (Boeing asks Ryanair for help to review its 737Max).

“We,” O’Leary said, “can get compensation from Boeing, but our interest is not this money but the damn planes.” “We are very clear that our growth is being slowed by delays. Currently we do not know how many aircraft we will be able to operate. What is happening in Seattle is chaos,” said the Irish manager (The Boeing crisis hits Ryanair again).

The initial forecast – taking into account the long list of previous delays – is that this summer Ryanair would be able to have 57 new aircraft. Right now it believes it could have 45 and even, if things go wrong, just 40. But the company has planned to have 50 new planes, so it will have to cut back on its announced plan.

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