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Ryanair calls for resignations in Brussels due to French control

Nobody knows when it is possible to fly to France or over France without the risk of a strike forcing the operation to be cancelled. Last week, hundreds of flights had to be canceled due to unannounced strikes that this time affected Beauvais airport and, as always, Orly (Ryanair: 300 cancellations due to a strike that did not exist).

Ryanair, fed up with this situation, has demanded that the European Commission act immediately or that there be resignations due to inability to make decisions. Ryanair accuses the Commission chaired by Von der Leyen of having done nothing in the last five years. The Irish airline requires that overflights be protected, as is the case in Spain, Greece or Italy, for example; It demands that air traffic controllers from neighboring countries be allowed to take charge of French skies when there are strikes in this country and that air traffic controllers be required to submit to independent rulings in their conflicts with the authorities.

The novelty is that this time Ryanair is asking for resignations, which is irrelevant given that the mandate of this European Commission is ending precisely now.

However, as is easy to guess, this conflict between the French Government and its controllers is almost as old as air traffic control itself and no one thinks that a correction can occur in the near future.

Source: Preferente



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