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Sánchez’s wife often received Hidalgo Jr. and the commission agent

The commission agent of the corrupt network of the Ministry of Transport (the so-called Koldo case), Víctor de Aldama, and the former CEO of Globalia, Javier Hidalgo, held various meetings with Pedro Sánchez’s wife, Begoña Gómez (The commissions of Air Europe to Aldama in full rescue).

According to El Confidencial, the objective of these meetings was to present business opportunities to him, as well as to try to obtain his support. One of the projects was the creation of Telepharmacy App, a kind of Glovo for medicines participated by Adama and Hidalgo (Koldo Case: Javier Hidalgo, together with Víctor de Aldama on a trip to Mexico).

Their intention was for Begoña Gómez to help them overcome the legal barriers that prevented the start-up of the business. However, they came face to face with the prohibition of the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS), which demanded the closure of the company because the online sale of medicines is prohibited in Spain.

Another of the businesses that they presented to the wife of the President of the Government was the creation of a company to convert abandoned towns in emptied Spain into luxury tourist destinations or real estate complexes. In this case, the crisis caused by the pandemic, which hit Globalia hard, put an end to the project.

Sources consulted by El Confidencial detail that Hidalgo and Adama’s contacts with Begoña Gómez occurred before and after the outbreak of the pandemic. And what is especially relevant: they coincided in time with the awarding of contracts with Air Europa to bring masks from China, which are the subject of an investigation, as well as with the granting of a state bailout of 475 million euros that He saved the airline from bankruptcy, in which Koldo himself intervened, as former Minister Ábalos has recognized.

Source: Preferente



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