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Sky de Chile follows Latam and opens its subsidiary in Ecuador

Ecuador has not had its own airline for years. There have been some dalliances and some very tiny airlines like Aeroregional that are flying, but what really controls the market is the Chilean Latam and the Colombian Avianca. And now also Sky, which comes from Chile (Equair, the only Ecuadorian airline, closes).

Sky can no longer grow much more in Chile. It competes above with Latam and at a level with JetSmart, the low cost of Indigo, the group that owns Wizz Air in Europe. It already has one foot in Peru and has now just announced its entry into Ecuador.

Sky had long ago announced its plan to fly to Ecuador. But doing so is not the same as opening a subsidiary in the country, from which to cover domestic and international flights, as it will do from now on.

The company that will operate the Ecuadorian airline, one hundred percent owned by the parent company, was established just a month ago. Now you will have to request permits to be able to have planes in your name and operate routes.

Sky has announced a very ambitious flight plan: up to 33 weekly frequencies on the great internal route of Ecuador, from Guayaquil to Quito and vice versa; then, up to 9 connections from the two large cities to Baltra, up to 7 to Manta, Francisco de Orellana, Loja, Santa Rosa and Cuenca. In other words, compete head to head on the main routes, because there isn’t much else.

The airline will use A320s as it has already been doing at its parent company and in Peru. There is no start date for operations.

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