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Strike at Aer Lingus because Iberia will debut the A321XLR

The conflict with the pilots of Aer Lingus, the national airline of Ireland, although it is smaller than Ryanair, is ‘homemade’, between families of IAG, the Anglo-Spanish consortium. IAG, owner of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling, faced with labor conflicts in the Irish company, opted for the new A321XLR to be launched by Iberia, even though it was initially going to go to Ireland. This has exacerbated the conflict with the pilots (Iberia reveals its plans with the A321XLR, the new Airbus jewel).

The 800 Aer Lingus pilots are asking for a 24 percent increase in their salaries, with an annual increase of almost 50 thousand euros. The increase alone is more than the total salary of 3,500 of the airline’s 5,000 employees.

A mediating court sided with the airline and says that the pilots’ salary should increase by 9.25 percent, which has been rejected by the pilots, who also reject IAG’s punishment of not using the new long range aircraft. As the conflict intensifies, IAG has decided that Aer Lingus will not receive the second A321XLR either but will have to wait for the third.

The salaries of the pilots are as follows: one of the 150 pilots who is in the middle of their career would go from 116 to 144 thousand euros in base salary, which is equivalent to 212 thousand in total.

Source: Preferente



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