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Surprise: Europe extends ban on Pakistan

Surprise and amazement even in Europe itself after learning that the European Aviation Safety Committee agreed to maintain the ban on Pakistan International Airlines being able to fly to the Old Continent (EASA allows Pakistan’s PIA to return to Europe).

The Committee, despite all the indications, some of them leaked by the group’s own members, agreed that there are not sufficient reasons to change the list of airlines that are prohibited from flying in the European Union, thus maintaining the PIA situation.

He alleges that significant deviations from safety protocols continue to occur at the airline, despite the fact that the authorities have now staffed the positions with competent professionals for their tasks. It is added that it is worth continuing to monitor developments in procedures in Pakistan until you can obtain permission to fly again.

In conclusion, the report says that member countries should continue to monitor Pakistan’s air carriers’ compliance with safety standards through regular inspections and report to the Committee any non-compliance that may be found.

It is surprising, however, that previous leaks unanimously indicated that the blockade would be lifted, which has not happened.

Source: Preferente



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