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Tenerife will host the Global Summit Tourism in June

For three days, starting next June 19, the world’s leading tourism experts will debate on the island of Tenerife the problems of the sector and the evolution of the business and its surroundings. The event had now not been held for 20 years.

The meeting is aimed at the study of six problems: governance, or how this business is run; leadership and sustainable and inclusive growth; the labor market and the competitive transformation of destinations; the companies; the product and its marketing; and finally, the whole digital transformation thing. As you can see, everything is there, although it is not yet known how the sessions will be organized.

The promoter is the Cabildo of Tenerife, which is interested in having a leading role in this knowledge in the sector. Action plans should emerge from this, which usually happens but generally do not go far precisely because of the problems in governance, that is, in the conversion of knowledge into real decisions.

Behind this event is the academic world and, of course, what was previously the World Tourism Organization and is now called UN Tourism. On the academic level, it is the University of La Laguna that has prominence. In fact, the meetings will take place in La Lagua, headquarters of this academic center.

Source: Preferente



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