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Terror in a Boeing 767 after leaving Jerez: “We thought we were dying”


Tremendous scare aboard a EuroAtlantic Airways Boeing 767-300 that was transporting the Cádiz players to Honduras, where they were going to play a match on the occasion of the inauguration of a stadium with the name ‘Mágico’ González.

Shortly after taking off from Jerez airport, the crew notified Spanish air traffic controllers that they needed to make an emergency diversion to Seville airport due to a technical problem.

Álex Fernández, player of the Cádiz club, explained to El Chiringuito that “we noticed a slight explosion” at the beginning of the flight, after which “we began to lose altitude.” “We have had a really bad time. “We thought we were dying,” says the footballer, who adds that the cabin crew “were a little nervous.”

Air traffic controllers report through their official X account that, once the notice was received, “to prioritize their operation, we instructed three other flights to wait.” “After carrying out checks, we positioned it for a direct approach to runway 27. It subsequently landed without incident and cleared the runway,” they detail.

Source: Preferente



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