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The Air Europa commission agent interceded with Venezuela

More details continue to be uncovered about the relationship between Globalia and Víctor de Aldama, one of the ringleaders of Koldo’s corrupt plot. After learning about the alleged commissions received and the images with Javier Hidalgo on a trip to Mexico, the Civil Guard has now discovered that Aldama was hired by Air Europa to mediate the collection of a debt from the government of Nicolás Maduro, in Venezuela (Case Koldo: Javier Hidalgo, with Víctor de Aldama on a trip to Mexico).

The text of the investigation, collected by the newspaper El Mundo, points out that a “mediation and management” contract was signed in September 2019 for “the execution of the necessary procedures to achieve the necessary operations and commercial acts that allow to Air Europa to collect the amount owed today by the Government of Venezuela, which amounts to 200 million US dollars” (Air Europa’s commissions to Aldama in full rescue).

In euros, the figure was around 176 million, which corresponded to “ticket sales.” The president of Zamora CF identified himself as a “consultant” to the Hidalgo group, and claimed to have “important contacts in air transport” (Koldo’s network did business with Globalia).

The information from the Civil Guard also confirms that Aldama “intermediated” in favor of Management Solutions for the signing of the alleged irregular contracts for the masks during the pandemic. This management was carried out together with Koldo García, right-hand man of the then Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, in 2020, the year in which the airline received the state bailout.

In this sense, as published Preferential, Aldama had direct participation in the negotiations for the economic injections of the SEPI (475 million) and the ICO (140 million). Ábalos himself has confirmed this, pointing out that he had a meeting with him “with the Air Europa crisis.”

Globalia has spoken for the first time about the relationship with this individual, although without giving too many details. “The relationship began in 2018 and he was given an advisory contract in September 2019.”

Source: Preferente



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