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The airline that has no planes

Nomadic Aviation Group is a very special airline. It was born in 2021 as a result of a long history in the sector, closely linked to aircraft rental companies, ‘lessors’. Their business is flying airplanes, usually without passengers. And without load. And that they are not yours.

In essence, Nomadic is dedicated to moving planes from one point to another, but other people’s planes, without passengers. That is why its main clients are ‘lessors’ who rent fleets to airlines that have end clients. The ‘lessor’ in essence is a financial company that does not have pilots, but that has to put the planes in the place where the airline wants them. That’s what Nomadic is for.

It also operates planes that were passenger and are going to be cargo and require several trips to put them in place.

Its asset, Nomadic’s, is the pilots. He has pilots for all the planes and flies around the world. Frequently these pilots fly alone.

The pandemic was their big business because at that time everyone was positioning planes in unlikely places, looking for cheap and dry parking lots for the planes to spend long periods of time. Likewise, the Ukrainian war was another matter because all of Russia’s Western planes were owned by ‘lessors’ and many were rescued and repatriated to their countries of origin, generally Ireland.

Nomadic pilots are well aware of Mexican President Amlo’s 787, which was eventually sold to Tajikistan and flown by the airline’s employees.

And, furthermore, some companies that are momentarily without pilots come to her. The prices are according to the emergency, but it is always cheaper to go to Nomadic than to leave a plane on the ground.

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