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The C919, Chinese skin, but Western soul

Manufacturers of aircraft and also those of their components appear at international aviation fairs. The former are concerned about the sales of their brands, be they Boeing, Embraer, Airbus or Comac. The latter, for their engines, seats, controls or equipment (the C919 leaves China for the first time).

The latter are mostly Westerners, but they applaud not only when a Boeing is sold but also when a C919 is sold, because this plane is, in reality, a set of Western parts.

The BBC, which covers the Singapore fair, reports that there is a lot of tension in the aircraft components market, which is mainly Western. And he points out that “China will not be a serious competitor for quite some time because its production capacity today is very low (four aircraft in a year) and because the C919 still needs approval from the authorities of other countries. (China, unable to manufacture the C919s it claims to have sold).

But also because the Chinese aircraft is fundamentally an aircraft made of Western components. Matt Driskill, editor of an Asian aviation publication, says that “most of the parts that make up an airplane are of Western origin. The engines, the engine controls, even the in-flight entertainment, are produced either in Europe or in America.”

This is probably the smart thing about China: they limit themselves to making what they are capable of tackling, leaving the full challenge of making a new commercial airliner for a later time.

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