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The former CEO of IAG trusts that Brussels will authorize the Iberia-Air Europa operation

The former CEO of International Airlines Group (IAG), Willie Walsh, has spoken out about the purchase process of Air Europa by Iberia. In statements to Expansión, he believes that “the answer will be yes”, which will give “enormous” advantages to passengers (Iberia-Air Europa: IAG’s plan to convince Brussels).

“We all aim for the greatest benefit for consumers, which can only be achieved through consolidation. But we have to wait, because it is a decision of the regulator. “We have seen the importance of concentration in many parts of the world and we will see more efforts in this regard,” he expressed.

If it is not authorized, the current leader of IATA believes that Brussels would leave the future of smaller airlines at risk. “The question regulators should address is what will happen to these small, inefficient airlines because they won’t be able to generate enough scale on their own.”

For now, the EU continues to analyze the details of the operation. What is most worrying is that it will bring with it a decrease in quality and an increase in prices, especially on certain connections with America controlled by Iberia and Air Europa, as well as on domestic flights with the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands (Brussels fears that if Iberia absorbs Air Europa to raise prices and lower quality).

However, IAG’s leadership is convinced that its proposed remedies, which double that of the previous attempt, will be enough to achieve the desired “yes.” It should be remembered that it has committed to divest 40% of Air Europa flights in 2023 in the most in-demand slots. Avianca, Binter, Iberojet, Ryanair, Volotea and World2Fly are some of the candidates to absorb these frequencies.

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