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The intrastory of Air Europa’s return to a country at war

A few days ago, Air Europa resumed the route between Madrid and Tel Aviv, suspended following the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas. The Globalia company thus follows in the footsteps of Iberia, which has also reactivated operations after having paralyzed it for several months (Air Europa resumes its operations between Madrid and Israel).

In an internal statement issued by USO with the purpose of reassuring workers about returning to a country that is fighting a war, Air Europa’s operations management reports on the previous steps it took before making the decision, as well as the measures taken to ensure the safety of employees and passengers.

For example, it mentions that a contingency plan has been made and that there are alternatives for any anomaly or unforeseen events that may arise given the situation. Likewise, the airline undertakes, on initial flights, to contact the crew members one by one to provide security and resolve any questions.

The operations management emphasizes that “the safety of the crews must be above any interest and therefore the risk analyzes that have been carried out before making decisions have always been based on data and official information, never on conjectures or commercial interests.”

“The insurers, without whose authorization it would be unfeasible to carry out the operation, support the restart of the activity, covering everything that happens during it. They assure us that no type of extra premium is paid, which is an indication of the normalization of operations,” reads the union’s statement.

On the other hand, aware of “the suspicions that many of you entail in operating this route again”, the union raised the possibility of opening a pool of volunteers to operate it, an option that was considered by Air Europa, although it was finally decided. discarded. However, it is clarified that, if any member of the staff is not in a position to make said flight, they may request a change, and the company will not take any type of retaliation for this.

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