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The judge summons Sánchez’s wife to testify but not because of her business with Air Europa

Judge Juan Carlos Peinado has summoned Begoña Gómez to testify for her alleged involvement in cases of corruption and influence peddling. It will be next July 5 when Pedro Sánchez’s wife will have to give explanations for her possible influence in the awarding of public contracts to the Barrabés Group company (Air Europa: Begoña Gómez is listed as being investigated for influence peddling).

According to ABC, the decision of the magistrate in charge of the investigation responds to two key points. The first, “the concurrence of criminal indications” confirmed by the Provincial Court of Madrid, and the second, to advance in “an instruction that is as agile as possible.”

The news is known days before the other actors involved in the plot appear before the judge. On the 12th, six more people are summoned as witnesses, including Juan Carlos Barrabés, Begoña’s master’s classmate, whose company was awarded aid from the public entity Red.es after having received a letter of recommendation from the president’s wife. of the government.

It is striking that his possible influence in the rescue of Air Europa is left out of the summons. As published Preferential According to information from Vozpópuli, Sánchez’s wife met Víctor de Aldama, commission agent and mediator of the company up to seven times during the approval of the rescue, since 2019 (Air Europa: Begoña saw commission agent Aldama 7 times to do business).

Likewise, there were three secret meetings with the Air Europa leadership. The first two meetings took place on June 24 and July 16, 2020. The third was a few weeks later, on July 24, electronically.

Curiously, between these dates (July 3), Sánchez announced the creation of the rescue fund of 10,000 million euros, and only four months later the state injection for the airline was approved, being the first and the largest of all those distributed among Spanish companies.

Source: Preferente



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