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The keys to Barajas’ success: expansion and the Iberia-Air Europa tandem

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) once again speaks out about the Spanish airline sector, focusing on the needs of Adolfo Suárez-Madrid-Barajas so that it can compete face to face with the large European airports, such as Heathrow, Paris-CDH , Frankfurt or Schiphol, among others (Work begins in Barajas to compete with CDG, Schiphol and Heathrow).

In statements to Expansión, the vice president of the association for Europe, Rafael Schwartzman, has highlighted the importance of undertaking an expansion of infrastructure to “continue strengthening this leadership with the Latin American market, which has very good prospects.” (Pedro Sánchez announces an investment of 2.4 billion to expand Barajas).

In this sense, he pointed out that “it will allow Madrid to be a hub that looks beyond and can cover other regions, although that ultimately depends on the commercial strategy of the airlines. But if you offer capacity and cost efficiency, considering that there are restrictions in Europe for air capacity and infrastructure, I think you have a good opportunity ahead of you.”

For the manager, the issue is not to fight with other airports, but to move forward hand in hand to enhance connectivity in Europe. “It is not that Madrid is going to replace other infrastructures, because Paris and other hubs have the capacity to grow. But, given that new airports will barely be able to be built, by complementing the needs of Europe, Madrid will be able to be strengthened.”

Another point that would give Barajas a boost would be the Iberia-Air Europa tandem, an operation that is still under review by Brussels. Schwartzman has indicated that “consolidation in a market as fragmented as the European one does not mean that there will be a lack of competition. Liberalization brought a lot of competition and we believe that we must preserve that” (The former CEO of IAG trusts that Brussels will authorize the Iberia-Air Europa operation).

Likewise, he considers that this type of operations allows us to face “important challenges in terms of competitiveness.” Furthermore, he has recognized that both parties have made “a very great effort to satisfy the Competition requirements.”

Source: Preferente



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