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The Koldo network did business with Globalia

Ábalos himself acknowledged it on Saturday in the exclusive interview on La Sexta: there were people involved in the mask plot who worked for Air Europa. The former Minister of Transport did not expressly mention the commissioner and acquaintance of his, Víctor de Aldama, but it was clear that he was referring to the president of Zamora. Aldama is the key man in the Koldo case in business with Globalia, the Transport link with the Hidalgo group. Air Europa sponsored Zamora before and during the pandemic.

José Luis Ábalos sat businessman Víctor Aldama to the left of Koldo García at the meeting that the Ministry of Transportation held with the authorities of the State of Oaxaca to promote the Huatulco destination. According to the former minister, Aldama attended that meeting as an intermediary for Air Europa. The president of Zamora claimed to serve as consul of Oaxaca, but he appeared on the representation side of the Ministry of Transportation. The Spanish Foreign Ministry denies that he was honorary consul in Oaxaca. The Objective publishes that Air Europa was a sponsor of the Zamora.

The digital that discovered the Ábalos advisor’s plot opens its cover today with information about the business that the Koldo network has done with Air Europa. Until now, the newspaper directed by Álvaro Nieto spoke of Globalia Corporación as a beneficiary company, without mentioning the airline. Today it publishes more details, although it does not specify the specific link between the detained Aldama and the airline. But he talks about business around Koldo García with Air Europa.

The newspaper El Mundo published in recent days that Globalia sources have downplayed their alleged connection with the Koldo case. To Carlos Segovia, deputy director and head of economics of the Unidad Editorial newspaper, Globalia sources indicated that the entire link was limited to transportation issues. The president of Zamora is honorary consul of Georgia in the Castilian-Leonese capital, and when he appeared he was proposed by a senior official from an official tourism institution.

As a result of the meetings with the Mexican authorities, the business relationship between García and De Aldama was constant. So much so that, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, commissions were distributed and public awards were made by hand to acquire masks during the worst of the pandemic. The company chosen was Soluciones de Gestión, which, despite having been inactive for more than two years, received 53 million euros during 2020.

Presumably, the president of Zamora received 6.7 million after signing these contracts. To try to get his way, he used an air supply company (MTM 180 Capital) to divert that money to Luxembourg. This has already been arrested by the authorities.

Koldo García and De Aldama were also within the Government delegation on a trip to Mexico to strengthen the presence of Spanish companies in infrastructure and transportation projects in the country with the Globalia company involved. In fact, a Memorandum of Understanding on transportation was signed.

This good relationship with the North American country led to a meeting between the governor of Oaxaca and Javier Hidalgo. Again, it seemed that the intention was to close a connection from Spain with Air Europa to boost the tourist flow, but it never started. However, as a curiosity, shortly after the names of Oaxaca and Huatulco appeared as sponsors of the club he presided over.

Ábalos has confirmed that De Aldama’s presence at the meetings was constant, almost always as a representative of Air Europa. “I coincided on a trip because he had relations with the Mexican authorities. And on some other occasion. I do have a face for this one and I know him because, furthermore, I have even seen him at the Ministry.”

What’s more, the former minister acknowledges that he had a meeting with him “with the Air Europa crisis.” Coincidentally, the company ended up being rescued by the SEPI with 475 million euros, the largest amount allocated to a company during the height of the pandemic, and with another 140 million with the endorsement of the ICO.

The aforementioned media has contacted Air Europa to find out what the exact work of this representative in the company was, but has not made any statement in this regard.

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