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The legality of the state bailout granted to Air Europa, in question

The state bailout granted by the State Industrial Participation Company (SEPI) to Air Europa, the first granted and the largest amount (475 million euros), could have violated at least two of the requirements demanded by the Aid Fund itself. the Solvency of Strategic Companies (Air Europa’s contracts with the commission agent come to light).

The reason, as revealed by The Objective, is that it was articulated through a financial company established a year before the Council of Ministers gave the green light to the aid. This is Air Europa Holding, SLU, a company that at the end of 2019 had no employees or income.

According to the aforementioned media, the Government made it a condition to benefit from this state aid that the requesting companies were not financial, but rather productive, and that they present the results of their last two years of activity to demonstrate that they were not in crisis before Covid. .

This information is added to the connections between one of the leaders of the corrupt network of the Ministry of Transport, Víctor de Aldama, those responsible for Globalia, Koldo García and José Luis Ábalos. The latter, in addition, was the great supporter of the public rescue granted to Air Europa, which prevented the bankruptcy of Globalia after the banks closed the credit tap (The Hidalgos lose Ábalos, supporter of their rescue before the Government and the PSOE).

On the other hand, according to Vozpópuli, the Koldo plot requested commissions of 30% from Air Europa to accelerate the public rescue. And precisely the pressure from Transport, a department directed by Ábalos, was key for the airline to be the first to receive state support. If this had not been the case, the rescue would have taken longer and the amount would have been lower, say legal sources and sources close to the Ministry of Transport consulted by the aforementioned media.

Source: Preferente



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