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The possible candidates to lead Iberia, Vueling and Level

Everything indicates that International Airlines Group (IAG) will turn to well-known people in the house to lead the group’s main airlines. Following the expected departure of Fernando Candela in the coming months, Iberia’s parent company is finalizing the restructuring, which could be announced in the coming weeks. (Iberia, faced with the challenge of appointing a new president in a crucial phase)

According to the newspaper Cinco Días, the name of Marco Sansavini is strongly suggested to lead Iberia, for which he would have to abandon the presidency of Vueling and return to Madrid. It is a company that he knows perfectly, since he was its commercial director between 2012 and 2020, before landing in the low cost company based in Barcelona. (Iberia, promoted by Candela, Nuño and Sansavini)

Another possibility is that of Carolina Martinoli, a person of utmost trust for the CEO of IAG, Luis Gallego. In fact, she accompanied him at the director’s last meeting with Pedro Sánchez at the Moncloa, in which she reported an investment close to 6,000 million euros in Spain in the next five years.

Rafael Jiménez Hoyos, current production director of Iberia, also appears on the scene as a possible candidate to lead Vueling and Level after the aforementioned possible movements. The presidency of the second became vacant upon Candela’s arrival in Iberia, and continues to be immersed in a process of independence and renewal of its leadership.

Jiménez Hoyos has extensive experience in aviation, being an A320 commander and trained as a military pilot. In fact, he has worked for the North American Air Force and for the Águila Patrol in Spain. Some sources highlight to the aforementioned media his great skill in operational terms, and his great involvement in the financial field in the last year. Doubts appear in labor relations.

With all this, the next day the 29th will be key to resolving all these doubts. That will be where the presentation of last year’s results will take place, and Luis Gallego could announce these details to leave everything tied up and be able to face the long-awaited summer season with greater stability.

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