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The price of each checked bag in the United States increases

Starting this weekend, suitcases checked on United Airlines flights also have a price increase. Shortly before, the same thing had happened with those carried by travelers on American Airlines flights and a little earlier the same thing had happened on JetBlue. Only Delta remains, among the large ones, to raise prices.

More or less, the rates are similar: 40 or 45 dollars for the first suitcase, 45 or 50 for the second, of course only if you check in in advance. If you show up at the airport with luggage without having paid for it, the prices are higher.

What are the United States authorities doing in the face of these increases? In reality, airlines in that country are incentivized to lower ticket prices and raise baggage prices because ticket prices do pay taxes and additional expenses, such as suitcases, do not. Even though all politicians verbally oppose the increase in taxes, the model is structured in such a way that the airlines are interested in this tax reduction that involves charging more for suitcases than for tickets. The same goes for choosing a seat or transporting pets, they are not taxed.

Traveler tickets pay 7.5 percent tax.

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