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The risk of collapse threatens El Prat

The summer season is challenging for Barcelona-El Prat due to the expected high demand. It has been exceeding the passenger numbers for 2019 for six consecutive months, and everything points to a summer period in which the airport will reach the limit of its capacity (The expansion of El Prat, key to growing at an intercontinental level).

According to La Vanguardia, airlines have scheduled a monthly average of 5.8 million seats in June, July and August. In addition, air and hotel reservations are moving steadily towards a new record year.

This suggests that symptoms of collapse could begin to appear as early as this summer or at some later dates. Until April, the latest data available, El Prat accumulated 15.8 million passengers, 12% more than in the first four months of last year (13.9).

Its annual capacity is set at 55 million, which was already reached in 2019, and, for now, if the data continues to be exceeded month after month, everything indicates that 2024 will remain very close to said record. Even Aena sources acknowledge that they are carrying out “permanent” improvement tasks, because the airport “is recording high traffic data, and its capacity is limited.”

From the air sector they call for calm. The president of ALA, Javier Gándara, is confident that “we will be able to operate normally this summer.” However, he agrees that El Prat “has a limit”, and warns that its long-term growth in the number of flights and passengers is in danger with the current infrastructure.

And meanwhile, its expansion remains on “stand by”. To date, there are numerous alternatives that have been put on the table, but all of them have been knocked down due to the impact of Ricarda and Remolar (Difficult horizon for El Prat after the elections in Catalonia).

Curiously, the last one was carried out by the former leader of the Generalitat, Pére Aragonés, who proposed the construction of a satellite terminal, as well as an increase in operations that fly over the towns of Gavà and Castelldefels, something completely unfeasible from the point of view of Aena.

Source: Preferente



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