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The sixth inoperative Lufthansa A380 leaves Teruel

The ability of Lufthansa managers to predict the future of aviation, their business, has been shown to be practically nil. At the beginning of the pandemic they believed that they would have an excess fleet for years, so they retired planes after planes to lose weight. At least they were careful not to dismantle them. Between the phenomenal recovery in demand and Boeing’s delays, the company has had to use planes from the Teruel cemetery.

Now it has just taken out the sixth A380 aircraft, according to Simple Flying, a portal specialized in aviation issues (Lufthansa, in need of a fleet, recovers all the A380s).

Restoring an aircraft of this model to operational condition is complex, slow and expensive. With D-AIMB registration, he left the Aragonese city a few days ago for Frankfurt, the company’s base, and from there he went to Manila, where he will undergo endless checks. The cost of this operation is so high that several airlines in the same situation have definitely preferred to sell the planes for parts, which are highly valued today on the second-hand market.

Lufthansa has a very pronounced fleet problem, which coincides with a strong increase in demand. The German airline is entrusting the central part of its long-haul routes to the 747, an excellent aircraft but which is currently off the market. In fact, there are only three other airlines in the world that have not removed it. Its rivals, British Airways and Air France, have not used it for a long time. But Lufthansa has no alternatives because its orders for new planes are behind schedule.

This sixth operational A380 will fly from Munich starting in 2025, when the flight rehabilitation process has been completed.

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