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The Tourism Board predicts another record year for the industry with a 10% increase in income

A third of the one hundred companies that make it up anticipate an increase of more than 20% and half plan to increase their workforce

Juan Molas, president of the Tourism Board.PACO TOLEDO

“The expectations are so good that they scare us a little.” This phrase from one of the hundred partners that make up the Tourism Tableorganization in which they are represented, among others, Iberia, Amadeus, Alsa, Avoris, Globalia, Palladium, Hotusa, Sercotel, Binter or MSC Cruises, illustrates the euphoria expressed by tourism companies one month before Holy Week arrives, which will mark the start of a high season that is expected to be historic both in terms of the volume of arrivals of foreign tourists and its duration, which could extend beyond of six months. “2023 was a record year and 2024 will surpass it. We are going to have the best first quarter in history because it coincides with Holy Week,” he stressed. Juan Molas, president of the Tourism Boardin the presentation of a study prepared together with Observatur.

The survey that accompanies this study highlights this euphoria. None of the businessmen consulted foresee a drop in turnover and 57% suggest that the turnover will grow again compared to 2023 at an average rate of 10%. Of this last percentage, more than half anticipate growth of 10% and the rest anticipate increases of 20% and even 30%. In other words, a third of these companies predict an increase in income that will exceed the 2023 figures by 20%.

Improved income will have a direct impact on the labor market. 2023 has already closed with a historical maximum in the number of tourism affiliates (2.67 million) and hiring forecasts are also optimistic. 52% of the companies in the Tourism Board anticipate that their workforce will grow, 43% corroborate that it will keep it stable and only 4% foresee falls.

In this climate of euphoria, Marcos Franco, founder of Observatur, stressed that this situation can be clouded by geopolitical or economic issues. “The rise in prices, the increase in mortgage prices, the war in Gaza or the debt accumulated in the pandemic can affect the development of tourist activity,” he warned.

Rejects the ecotax proposed by Yolanda Díaz

Molas took advantage of the appearance to criticize the proposal launched last week by the second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, regarding the application of an ecotax to tourism in Spain and the setting of limits on arrivals in saturated or overcrowded destinations. “They are arbitrary and senseless measures that would only seriously damage the competitiveness of the tourism sector and put at risk the moment of prosperity that the sector is experiencing,” Molas stressed angrily, who considered that “the desirable and intelligent thing” would have been to call the sector to consult. those measures. “The minister finds it difficult to understand public-private collaboration as happened to the former Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón,” he added.

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