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The United States finds a serious risk of explosion in the B777

The Boeing crisis seems to have no limits. Now, the FAA, which is like the European Aesa, has found that the B777 has poor insulating protection in its electrical network adjacent to the fuel tanks and that, for that reason, a fire or, worse, a fire could occur at any moment. explosion (Boeing ‘burned’ 4,000 million in three months for the 737 Max).

Apparently, this finding has to do with tips from some company employees, who were fired.

The FAA says the problem, if nothing is done, can potentially lead to a fire, according to a directive it has issued. The problem was initially detected in March, when the manufacturer was informed, although at the moment their response is not known.

On March 25, the FAA proposed a directive – a mandatory standard – for this model of aircraft, hoping that the manufacturer would order a modification and solution to that failure.

The fleet that is susceptible to this type of incident is up to 300 aircraft in the United States alone. In Spain, no airline operates the 777 model, not even Air Europa, which uses Boeing. The 200, 200LR, 300, 300ER and F variants are affected. The solution to the problem in the United States alone has a relatively cheap cost of 14 million dollars.

Source: Preferente



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