It is true that traveling has never been so economical. If we are lucky we can even find flights out of Spain for less than 20 euros. The problem is that we must then add to these bargains what they charge us for taking the suitcase. That, or travel with just enough, reducing luggage as much as possible.

When it comes to seeing the world, saving some money on the trip is one of the greatest joys we can give to our pockets. Above all because to the price of plane tickets, airlines do not stop adding extras. Furthermore, one of the things we most bother paying for is our luggage. So, if this extra expense is not in your plans, take note of the new trend that has emerged on the networks and that will allow you save up to half your cost.

Emirates Airlines plane.

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How to save up to 50 percent

The first trick to avoid paying more to check in your luggage is adapt to the measures required by airlines. But it is not the only method you have to save some money. If you are one of those who cannot fit all your clothes in your cabin suitcase or in a backpack, and you insist on carrying more luggage, we give you the solution to pay up to 50 percent less for that luggage that you can’t do without. The key has been revealed to us by @nomadito, a user of X (formerly Twitter) and it is as simple as thinking twice before accepting what the airline offers you by default.

It is important not to rush

As in many other facets of life, when we buy plane tickets, doing things slowly can also have its reward. And in this case, the Patience is the key to paying less for additional luggage. Thus, in response to the efforts of some airlines to make users pay more, @nomadito reveals on his social network his experience with the Ryanair company and the strategy he follows when hiring additional luggage, managing to pay half.

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman holding up her passport and plane ticket before boarding her aircraft

The end of suitcases on the plane? The curious technique of this airline to travel without packages

First rule to pay less for the suitcase

So what do you have to do to enjoy the most affordable option? When we select the flight for the first time, the airline offers us the option to add a 10 kilo suitcase for 15 euros. If we reject this option, Ryanair offers it to us again for the same price on the next screen. We must reject both offers and log in with a user account. It is then that Ryanair will offer us the same additional suitcase, but this time for 6 euros (half as much as the other two times). Of course, this option is possible if we do not reserve a seat or use the priority boarding option.

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