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They hunt several “abandoned” Boeing 777Xs in the US

Spotter Kenet Matthiesen has hunted down eight 777X model airplanes, Boeing’s new jewel, practically “abandoned” at the Everett airport. The images are truly surprising, and are the best reflection of the crisis that is plaguing the American manufacturer (The B777X, Boeing’s new jewel, hunted while it was carrying out tests).

As Transponder1200 reports, the devices look parked practically virgin, without any type of livery, only with the primer paint. They also do not have covers on the pylons, nor tires, nor even any of the engines.

Boeing began working on the development of this model in 2013. Its intention was for the premiere to be in 2020, but the pandemic wreaked havoc on its plans. As a result, the crisis in the supply chain led the company to delay its launch on the market until at least 2025 (Boeing barely delivers half of the planes).

Likewise, the aircraft’s own innovative design has made the process even more complex. In recent years, problems have been detected in the intended GE9X engines, and extensive testing and certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is needed on a multitude of other characteristics.

And it aims to be the largest twin-engine passenger plane in the world. It stands out for its enormous wingspan of 71.1 meters, as well as its autonomy of up to 17,220 kilometers.

Source: Preferente



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