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Today Air Malta disappears and is replaced by KM Malta

This Holy Saturday Air Malta will permanently stop flying (not to be confused with Malta Air: the former is owned by the state of Malta while the latter is owned by Ryanair). And at the same time, with the same planes and most of the same personnel, KM Malta, also owned by the state, begins to operate (Air Malta changes its name to receive public aid).

If you don’t understand anything, think that this is the proposal that the European Union made to Malta after the endless losses suffered by the island’s airline company. It is an imitation of what happened with Alitalia, another bottomless pit for the Italian government.

In the Italian case, until now, the heiress has done nothing but lose money, like her predecessor, because the problem is probably that politicians are not good business managers, but in the case of Malta we do not know.

Air Malta is actually a small airline, with just over a dozen aircraft, all short-haul. But it has always been losing money. The history of politics’ relations with the company is one of constant headaches: what if strikes, covert stoppages, complaints from all kinds of groups, always failed sales attempts, etc. But now a decision has been adopted that is intended to be definitive: to create a new company, with everything new, including labor relations.

In the future we will see how it goes, although now KM Malta has to compete with Malta Air, which is very difficult to beat due to its low price policies (First Ryanair plane with Malta colors).

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