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Total chaos in Perth due to fuel breakdown

Thousands of travelers grounded, hundreds of flights cancelled, chaos in regional aviation in Western Australia, due to a breakdown in the aircraft fuel supply systems. A minor issue with absolutely major consequences that has already been resolved, after altering all air schedules in the region.

The problem was considerably aggravated because Perth, although a major city, is very isolated from other major airports capable of accepting the flow of aircraft it had to divert.

The airport director, Jason Waters, apologized for the severe impact the breakdown had and that he was working to normalize the service, which is very complex. “The effects will linger for a while,” he explained. “At least tomorrow the effects of the closure will continue to be felt” because many planes have ended up landing in remote places.

The problem began on Friday night when the planes stopped being fueled. This quickly led to the impossibility of takeoffs and, much worse, to the airplane parking lots being full, so Perth had to start rejecting incoming airplanes and diverting them to other locations.

Airlines have reported that this problem does not force them to compensate passengers, who in many cases will have their flights delayed up to two days.

A Philippines Airlines flight was lucky and found space at an Australian regional airport, Geraldton, 420 kilometers north of Perth, but most other flights ended up outside the country. Geraldton doesn’t have space or even fuel for more than a few planes. “We will receive fuel in the middle of next week,” explained its head.

Other flights ended up in Sydney, while flights from Qatar did not leave Doha to avoid landing at an unknown location.

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