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Twenty passengers from the Singapore plane, still in the ICU

About 20 passengers of the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 that made an emergency landing in Bangkok this Tuesday after having suffered strong turbulence, were in the ICUs of the hospitals where they had been admitted this Wednesday. Six of them are British and two are from Singapore. The Samitivej Srinakarin hospital, where the travelers in the worst condition are admitted, said that in the ICU there are also a New Zealander, a Filipino, one from Hong Kong, three Australians and six Malaysians. Several passengers left Thailand yesterday (Tragedy on a flight from London to Singapore due to extreme turbulence).

Travelers interviewed by the media tell Dantesque scenes of terror. “When I got to the airport I couldn’t stop giving back. I couldn’t walk. It was fatal,” says a 24-year-old young man, who was discharged from the hospital because he had nothing serious. Other passengers tell how they explained to their families what happened, during the time in which the plane, now out of the storms, headed to the Bangkok airport.

Yesterday the twelve crew members of the plane were sent to Singapore because they were already feeling quite well. A special flight from the company traveled to the Thai capital to pick up these people.

A total of 79 people remained in Bangkok yesterday, with most out of intensive treatments. Almost all of them were hospitalized.

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