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United Kingdom: tax on first class and business flights

Traveling in first class, business or premium, whatever the name, will be even more exclusive on airline planes departing from the United Kingdom, according to the tax increase approved by the Government that will come into force practically immediately.

In reality, it is not a new tax but rather the passenger tax that is already applied only increases for passengers in non-economy or non-economy classes. To get an idea, on a flight to the United States, the increase will only be approximately 23 euros; For longer flights it even goes up a little more.

There is also a very moderate increase for long-haul economy class tickets, of about 2.4 euros.

As usually happens in these cases, the airlines denounce that this policy is nonsense that will affect the country more than maintaining taxation as it is and that could end the resurgence of tourism after the pandemic. The most important executive of the British airlines’ association said that “these taxes will only make the United Kingdom less competitive on the world stage, with air taxes that are already among the highest in the world.”

However, until now, business class travelers were the ones who would have flown again, but with more delays. Economy class, on the other hand, has performed better.

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