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United negotiates new A321s due to Boeing problems

Reliable sources have confirmed that United, one of the three large American airlines, and Airbus are in an advanced phase of negotiation for the purchase of A321neo aircraft instead of the Boeing 737Max 10 that the airline had on order and which are now five years behind schedule. its certification and start of manufacturing (United: after the B737Max, now forced to ground the A321).

The airline is not willing to wait its turn on the list and therefore negotiates with intermediaries who have purchasing rights. Some of these planes were destined for JetBlue or Spirit, whose merger ended up failing.

United’s growth plans are on hold due to Boeing’s delays in its Max production. This is not directly related to the problem of a missing door on an Alaska Airlines 737Max 9 plane, a model of which United is the largest user.

For Boeing to lose part of the firm order for the 737Max 10 would be a serious disruption for the manufacturer, especially because of its image. It must be remembered that United was owned by Boeing and has always had a fleet dominated by this brand. But Airbus management has not hidden its interest in entering United with force – it already has some aircraft – but in a very symbolic way.

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