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Victims press for jail time for Boeing

The relatives of the passengers who lost their lives in the two accidents of the 737Max planes in Indonesia and Ethiopia demanded this Friday from the United States authorities that Boeing must respond criminally for the accidents and that the culprits be sentenced, probably to prison terms. (The victims of the 737 Max: “the plane is still dangerous”).

The matter is now raised for the following reason: after the two accidents, the United States justice system reached an agreement with Boeing through which the company had to implement measures so that such an accident could never occur again, in addition to a strong penalty. economical. But now the Department of Justice has determined that Boeing breached the agreement because the plane continues to be manufactured with few controls, so the post-accident pact is considered repealed and criminal action could now be initiated.

Now the authorities say that this agreement could have been a fraud because Boeing did not change its internal rules. “They said the plane is completely safe, the most inspected, but one of them lost a door. They can no longer blame the pilots,” Michael Stumo, whose daughter Samya died in the Ethiopian accident, said at the hearing.

The Justice Department maintains that Boeing violated the 2021 agreement by making changes to its operations. But Boeing considers that “we have complied and we want to explain it to Justice. “We are acting with transparency.”

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