The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has a platform that allows users to complain as well as transfer complaints through this portal to the different companies. The European CICLE X project has allowed us to improve this platform and contrast the problems reported by consumers in different countries.

It was in February 2023 when CICLE has received 70,606 complaints on the platform. Vodafone, Wallapop and Ryanair are the companies with the most accumulated complaints with a total of 3,504, 2,559 and 1,569 respectively. These are followed by others such as Correos with 1,423, Vueling with 1,282, Cecotec with 1,261, Endesa with 1,259, Naturgy with 1,193, Amazon with 1,162 and Orange with 1,067.

Among the most demanded sectors is consumer goods. with a total of almost 30% of complaints. For their part, problems with postal and telecommunications services account for 18%. Finally, consumer services, transportation and problems with water and energy supply They tie at 11%.

Passenger in an airport terminal.

When can I receive compensation for a delay or incident on my flight?

However, the problems in each sector differ significantly. In consumer goods half of the problems They have to do with orders and their delivery, as well as with the sales process. In the postal and telecommunications services sector, more than half of the problems refer to billing and everything related to the shipping and delivery of packages

Regarding transportation services, the highest number of incidents reported by consumers refers to luggage, delay or cancellation of the trip. In this sector, airlines are the ones that accumulate the most complaints. In the field of consumer services, more than half of the problems refer to the execution of the service, problems with payments and contract conditions. Regarding the water and energy supply sector, two thirds of the problems They are associated with billing, service activation or service interruption.

The OCU performs these measurements in reference to the complaints registered only on its platform to complain, although it has other channels such as telephone or email through which it receives complaints that also affect other market actors.