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Volotea incorporates three A320s due to the forecast increase of 16% in supply

Volotea is going to increase the supply between 12 and 16% more than in 2023, which will mean up to 12 million seats on 450 routes. In order to respond to the increase in capacity, three Airbus A320s have just been added to the fleet, adding to the other 41 aircraft the company has.

The three new planes, with capacity for 180 passengers, will begin flying from April, coinciding with the start of the summer season. In this way, Volotea will have a total of 44 aircraft: 20 Airbus A319 and 24 A320 aircraft.

The airline reinforces its fleet for a year in which forecasts indicate that they will operate 450 routes and an offer of between 12.5 and 13 million seats – between 12% and 16% more than in 2023 -, transporting 12 million passengers and around 80,000 flights.

Volotea thus responds to the challenge of increase the number of passengers transported by almost 2 million in 2023 (10.4) and also the increase in the number of flights operated, since last year it operated 70,000, with an average occupancy of 92%.

Volotea plans to operate 10,000 more flights than in 2023 and increase the number of passengers transported by two million

This has been revealed Stephen Rapp, the airline’s financial director, pointing out that the incorporation of the new aircraft will help meet summer demand, the busiest time for the company. In addition, the more modern and efficient Airbus A320 will help us continue to improve our competitiveness and achieve our emissions reduction objectives, while we will continue to offer the best service to our customers.”.

Volotea once again trusts in Airbus to reinforce its fleet, now adding a total of 44 aircraft. Source: Volotea.

Volotea reaches more than 110 airports in Europe, its main markets are France, Italy and Spainand has bases in 21 small and medium-sized European cities: AsturiasAthens, Bari, BilbaoBordeaux, Brest, Cagliari, Florence, Hamburg, Lille, Lyon, Lourdes, Marseille, Nantes, Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Venice and Verona.

The bases in Brest, in French Brittany, and Bari, in Italian Apulia, will be incorporated as a novelty in 2024 and continue to add to the expansion planned by the company this year.

Bet on Airbus to improve sustainability

For three years, Volotea has been progressively renewing its fleet with Airbus, with the aim of making operations “more respectful of the environment and contributing to achieving the airline’s emissions reduction objectives.”

An objective that is aligned with the strategy that the airline has been implementing since 2012 to reduce fuel consumptionwith initiatives ranging from the optimization of all phases of flight to the use of a single engine in ground operations.

Additionally, in 2022, Volotea began introducing sustainable aviation fuels, SAF, on their planes. The company collaborates with different manufacturers to promote the development of these fuels, as well as in the search for other alternatives such as hydrogen or electric energy.

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