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Volotea: record traffic and profits in 2023 after a historic offer

Volotea, specialized in connecting small and medium-sized European cities, has achieved record results in 2023, after launching a historic offer of seats in Europe and increasing the offer in Spain, which with more than 2.8 million seats (39% more than in 2022) is positioned as one of its markets fastest growing. Now, the airline is working on new expansion opportunities and new connections for 2024.

In Spain

The Spanish airline has operated 17,400 flights with Spain between January and December, which represents 35% more than the previous year, and has transported more than 2.6 million passengers (37% more than in 2022) in more than 117 routes, 58 of them exclusive, and has reinforced air connectivity with the islands with almost 40% of the seat supply. In terms of occupancy, Volotea has also achieved very positive results, with an average rate of 93% on its scheduled flights.

In addition, 99% of the flights operated by the airline in the country between the months of January and December have complied with the flight program (completion rate), without changes or unforeseen events. Likewise, in terms of punctuality, it has maintained 76% of its flight arrivals on time (OTP15).

Volotea has operational bases in Asturias and Bilbao, and employs almost 580 people in Spain directly, generating more than 1,650 indirect jobs. In 2024, the number of direct jobs could reach 650 workers, 12% more. In addition, it offers routes from 22 Spanish airports

By 2024, Volotea increases its capacity and launches a record offer of 3.5 million seats. In addition, it will offer 13 new connections from Spain. Some of the new routes are the connections between Bilbao and the cities of Murcia, Castellón and Bari; the routes from Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Menorca to the city of Brest, in French Brittany; the connection of Malaga with Bari; or the routes between Madrid and Valencia with the city of Verona.

“2023 has been a very good year for Volotea, both in Europe and in Spain. From day one, our mission has been to improve the air connectivity of small and medium-sized cities in Europe… We remain faithful to that mission and the year In the past we achieved new records: we grew in the number of routes, we reached 55 million passengers, and we registered very high rates both in our customer satisfaction rate and in operational performance. All this with a billing forecast of around 700 million euros, generating historic margins for a company with just over 10 years of life.“said Carlos Muñoz, founder and CEO of Volotea.

Muñoz added that they expect 2024 to be even better, when they are significantly increasing their capacity. “This year we will offer between 12.5 and 13 million seats, we will add 3-4 new aircraft to our fleet, we will open two new bases and we will create around 200 new jobs, in addition to raising the standard, offering the best service to our customers. Last year Skytrax recognized Volotea as the best low-cost airline in Europe and 92% of Megavolotea customers in Spain recommend traveling with us.”

In Europe

Throughout Europe, Volotea has offered more than 410 routes in 2023 and operated more than 70,000 flights between January and December, which translates into 10.4 million passengers transported. Likewise, 99.3% of the airline’s operations last year complied with the flight schedule, positioning it among the three best European low-cost airlines.

In Europe, Volotea has recorded an average occupancy level of its scheduled flights of 92%. Looking to 2024, the airline plans to operate around 80,000 flights and offer between 12.5 and 13 million seats (between 12% and 16% more than in 2023) on almost 450 routes and has announced the opening of two new bases, in Brest, in French Brittany, and in Bari, in Italian Apulia.

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