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Volotea reimburses ICO €15.3 M of the 2020 loan

Volotea has made a new disbursement to repay the loan that the Official Credit Institute (ICO) made to it in 2020 and which amounts to 109.9 million euros. So far the airline has already paid 58.4 million euros between capital and interest.

Volotea has returned another 15.3 million of the Syndicated loan with the endorsement of the Official Credit Institute (ICO) worth 145 million that it received in 2020, for which it has already paid a total of 58.4 million.

Volotea has specified that in this last payment it has amortized 10.1 million euros of the syndicated loan from Spanish banks guaranteed 70% by the ICO and that it has paid another 5.2 million in interest.

Volotea is amortizing the ICO loan in tranches. Source: Hosteltur Archive

To date Volotea has paid a total of 58.4 million between capital and interest, so the outstanding capital of this loan amounts to 109.9 million euros.

This loan is scheduled to be fully repaid in July 2028, as nine tranches payable in January and July of each year remain to be repaid.

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Source: Hosteltur



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