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Vueling: artificial intelligence for the maintenance of its fleet

Airlines and airports have been using the artificial intelligence in customer service, passenger assistance, cleaning of facilities and in loading and transferring luggage. Now AI lands in another area: fleet maintenance. Vueling is at the forefront in the use of this technology, advancing its digitization of aircraft maintenance with the integration of Skywise Predictive Maintenancein collaboration with Airbus, to anticipate and plan this task when it is not scheduled, thus optimizing its operations thanks to the use of predictive models based on artificial intelligence.

The airline has already implemented the predictive technology model in 53 of its aircraft, almost half of its fleet, and plans to continue incorporating it into the rest of its aircraft over the coming years, being the company that has the most aircraft with this technology.

In recent years, Vueling has managed to build an ecosystem based on artificial intelligence to address fundamental challenges in maintenance operational efficiency. Focused on this strategy, the project took off with the massive digitization of data from aircraft and their engines.

Vueling has incorporated AI-based technology to almost half of its fleet (Source: Vueling)

The process allows synchronizing fleet plans, capacity and availability for the execution of maintenance tasks. All this with real-time control of ongoing maintenance work, thus achieving much more precise management.

Now, the company takes another step in this process – within its digital transformation– with the integration of technology Skywise Predictive Maintenance from Airbus, with which it monitors the status of aircraft with the airline’s internal data models, thus generating predictive alerts for aircraft maintenance.

The Airbus solution represents the first project driven by the Airbus Digital Alliance -of which Delta TechOps, General Electric and Airbus are part-, and combines different predictive maintenance algorithms. In this way, Vueling has incorporated this technology that covers a wide range of aircraft and engine components produced by various manufacturers and tested with more than 200 algorithms that cover different aircraft systems.

For Isabel Garcia Álvarez, Director of Operations Planning at Vueling“we are a digital native company with a strong commitment to innovation. With this project, we are investing in improving our operations through predictive models that allow us to anticipate the needs of our fleet and thus offer a better service to our passengers” .

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