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Vueling returns to Heathrow from Barcelona and launches connection from Paris

Vueling reinforces your bets on London by recovering connections with Heathrow from Barcelona and starting the new route to London airport from Paris, starting in April, every day of the week. Two daily flights will operate from El Prat airport, which will be added to the other eight that it already operates to London Gatwick.

Vueling has set the goal of becoming the leader in the route between Barcelona and London. Starting in April, the IAG airline will increase daily flights to the London capital by two, resuming the connection between Barcelona and London Heathrow.

The airline already operates eight daily flights between Barcelona and London Gatwick, so in total, it will offer every day of the week 10 daily flights that will unite both cities.

Vueling. Source: Vueling

Premiere at Paris Orly

Also in April Vueling will premiere the daily connection between London Heathrow and Paris-Orly. A route that is currently not covered by any other airline and that is especially relevant in view of the Olympic Games in the French capital this summer.

The Commercial, Customer, Network and Strategy Director of Vueling, Carolyn Prowsehighlighted the reinforcement of operations to London Heathrow, which, he said, “position Vueling as one of the key airlines that connect these important hubs throughout Europe. Barcelona is our largest hub and now we will offer up to 10 daily flights from London in total” a relaunch has noted, which “has been made possible thanks to our strong collaboration with British Airways.”

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