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Wamos Air will operate with an A330 in New Caledonia

Wamos Air continues to diversify its business. The airline has signed an agreement with Air Calin by which it will operate some of its flights to the South Pacific until April 30 (Wamos Air resumes operations between New Zealand and Australia).

From the company led by Enrique Saiz, they show their gratitude for “trusting us as a strategic partner for this operation in New Caledonia.” “We are excited about this new adventure that awaits us,” reads the message spread through social networks.

Air Calin has turned to the Spanish company to maintain its usual programming while it carries out maintenance work on one of its planes.

Wamos will operate the service with an A330-200, the same type of aircraft it is using with Air New Zealand to connect Auckland, New Zealand, with Perth, one of Australia’s westernmost cities. As published Preferentialthis agreement is also valid until April 30.

It is worth remembering that Wamos Air changed its strategy just before the summer of 2022. It then abandoned regular operations in the Caribbean to focus on charter, wet lease and cargo flights, focusing on a less seasonal and more profitable business (Ávoris assumes Wamos operations in the Caribbean).

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