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What happened to the Singapore plane

Aviation experts attribute the colossal turbulence that affected the Singapore Airlines plane on its flight between London and Singapore to the entry into a well-known zone of instability called the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ICZ). extreme).

Pilots usually try to avoid it, but sometimes there are no options. This area runs around the Sea of ​​Bengal “where storms are common,” says a pilot, Marco Chan.

“Storms are perfectly visible on navigation screens, but many times it is not possible to go around them because they can be up to 50 nautical miles wide.” Boats also suffer where the north and south winds meet.

Solar heat and warm waters heat the rising air until it reaches an altitude where it cools. This generates constant and frequent storms that probably caused the problem on the Singapore plane. The pilots also remember the extraordinary quality of the Boeing 777, capable of withstanding such an extreme situation.

An area of ​​this type is the one that the Air France flight 447 plane also faced on the northern coasts of Brazil, which ended up falling into the sea due to the pilot’s inability to solve the problem that was aggravated by the freezing of some probes.

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