Going in a hurry can play tricks on us, and if it is in the context of a trip, the results can be real problems. We rush off the plane to avoid missing a connecting flight, to get home early or to not be late for a work meeting, and when it’s already late we realize that we have forgotten something on the aircraft. More than one passenger has been in this situation, which is why most airlines have planned a object protocol lost so that customers can recover their belongings as quickly as possible.

It is important to know that personal identification documentssuch as DNI and passports, these will be delivered to the airport authorities.

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In the event of having lost our object on an Iberia plane (or in one of its VIP rooms or Children’s Rooms), the first thing is fill out a form on your website including a detailed description of the lost item (specific characteristics, stains, scratches, etc.), the date and location where we lost it, and contact information. Even if we have them, we can attach photos of the object.

Once the object is located, it can take between one day and three weeks until it is sent and registered at the Central Lost Property Office. If after registration the item matches one declared as lost, a matching email will be sentwhich must be confirmed, press the “Proceed to shipment” button and fill out the form to process it.

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Passengers on a plane.
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Of course, the airline points out that “due to storage limitations, we guard the items found for a maximum of one month from the date of its location“. While “perishable products are destroyed the next day.”

Air Europe

On the other hand, if we lose something on an Air Europa plane, we must actgo to the company’s Baggage Service counter at the destination airport, where the staff will inform us if the object has been located. It is also possible to contact said airport by phone or email. On the company’s website we can consult the contact details of the offices of all the airports where they operate.

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If we forget an object on a Ryanair plane, we must bear in mind that the crew must deliver any lost item to the arrival airport staff. In this way, what we will have to do is get in touch with the lost and found office at said airport.

Passengers on a plane.
Passengers on a plane.
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When we forget an object on a Vueling plane, the first step is complete the form which we will find on their website, giving all possible details about the item (color, size, brand…), as well as our contact information, flight and seat number, flight date and route.

However, found belongings will only be kept for a maximum of one month due to space limitations and, if it is Perishable products will be thrown away the next day.

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