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Why do all American airlines fly to Brisbane?

Brisbane is an Australian city located on the Gold Coast of that country. Normally, flights from the United States were limited to connections with Los Angeles. Even in some cases, these flights were seasonal, because demand was not very high. If someone wanted to go to Brisbane, they had to fly to Los Angeles first. Or, of course, there was always the option of going to Sydney and from there to Brisbane.

No more: the United States is experiencing a wave of offers to fly to Brisbane. United launched a direct line from San Francisco and now it is announced that Delta is also opening a route and that American has discovered the wonder that is Brisbane and will fly from Dallas.

View from the Wing, an American aviation portal, looked into this sudden interest in Brisbane and discovered what is happening: Queensland, the Australian state of which Brisbane is the capital, has launched a public subsidy program for airlines. Over the next three years, the portal discovered that Queensland will pay for 227 thousand trips and 151 million for three years; and that in the case of American, there is money for 140 thousand seats with 113 million. And for Delta, 271 thousand seats with 208 million.

As you can see, tourism is promoted everywhere with atypical mechanisms that are not exactly free market.

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