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Without structural damage, the Singapore Boeing 777 ends its trip

Twenty travelers from flight SQ321, from London to Singapore, who suffered the violent turbulence that suspended their trip and caused one death, are still in hospitals, although all are not at risk of life. But the plane is already home (Tragedy on a flight from London to Singapore due to extreme turbulence).

The Boeing 777 had landed in Bangkok, where the flight ended. During these days it was checked for structural defects and was finally allowed to return to its base. Obviously, the interior needs extensive repair work, given the damage caused.

Both Singapore and Thailand authorities checked the plane and it was allowed to fly. The engineers found nothing worrying, except the finishes and the service offer for passengers. Obviously, the aircraft flew empty.

The Boeing, model 777-300ER, was flying from London to Singapore when it encountered strong turbulence past the Andaman archipelago and near Malaysia. It is a well-known location for this reason, although it is not always possible for pilots to avoid these situations. It carried 211 passengers and 18 crew members.

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