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5 bars with soul in Barcelona

5 bars with soul in Barcelona

A few bars that perfectly exemplify the soul of Barcelona.

That’s still there lovely bar clad in red painted wood, all those bottles of hard liquor, that floor of seventies terrazzothose glasses decorated with paper napkins of colors. And, most especially, all those plastic plants and flowers, intact. Behind the bar, the great Simonwho probably holds the record for longest serving waiter in a single establishment.

The Monaco Bar is something like one of those insects preserved in an amber ball. The same now as it was decades ago, even in that room that is accessed by opening a frosted glass door: table football, billiards and the tobacco machine that looks like the jukebox from Bande A Part or ‘The Strange Journey’.

The torreznos of Los Ramones

A temple of Barça and country

Not really: Pepeta’s Bar, renamed in a more informal and Yankee way by its brilliant heirs. We are facing a museum of double obsessiona mix of canteen western movie (the kind with chairs that break with the first blow of the fight) and Barça’s ‘penya’ installed in a Catalan winery. ‘Seitons’ and Colts 45.

The Marsella Bar opened its doors ago 200 years and is kept safe from speculation and Cristasol in the heart of the Raval. The peeling ceiling, the walls covered in a wood that has heard everythingthe chandelier with the most spider webs in the world, the floor of hydraulic tile with holes, the bar with those oval and centuries-old stones.

Nothing has changed here. In fact, they are still preserved two legendary postersa legacy of Franco’s attempt to quell any mischief: “Singing is prohibited” and, the best, “Parking at the tables is prohibited.”

The traditional bar where great songs are played

Between the moment when you say “there are no bars like this in Barcelona” and the moment when you say “It’s the best bar in the world” drinks and songs follow one another: from the New York Dolls to Echo & the Bunnymen.

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