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5 essential dishes of Dominican cuisine: from sancocho to mangú

5 essential dishes of Dominican cuisine: from sancocho to mangú

Prepare a napkin and cutlery because today we travel to the Dominican Republic to discover the 5 most emblematic dishes of its gastronomy. Enjoy your meal!

Freshly caught, it is prepared and ready to eat.

What to eat in the Dominican Republic?


Dominican flag

Dominican flag, local dish par excellence.

Where does the name of the dish ‘Dominican Flag’ come from?


Mangú is made with green bananas which, together with water or butter once boiled, acquires a consistency similar to mashed potato. To this preparation, which is the mangú itself, other ingredients are always added, ranging from fried onion, fried cheese, eggs or its salami (a mixture of beef and pork). When the dish is accompanied by fried eggs, cheese and salami it is known as ‘the three strikes’.

He mofongo It is another of those dishes that you have to try no matter if you are enjoying the country in the Samaná area or if you are doing some hiking route of incalculable beauty. This very popular dish of African origin It is a sample of the country’s cultural heritage, but it can also be enjoyed in places like Puerto Rico.


Dominican Yaniqueque

Yaniqueques will remind the Spanish traveler of their famous empanadillas, since they are made with a very similar fried and crunchy dough. Now, in the Dominican Republic its combinations are infinite and you can eat them sweet (with sugar and accompanied by hot chocolate) or salty (with tomato sauce, stuffed with cheese, vegetables and even meat).

We cannot fail to mention some Dominican drink and sweets. The tropical fruit juices They are sold in street stalls and are simply exquisite, but there is more. The traveler who arrives in the Dominican Republic should not leave without trying its drink ‘die dreaming’ (which is made with orange juice, milk and sugar) or its well-known ‘mamajuana’, to which many attribute aphrodisiac powers.

In short, Dominican cuisine is a feast for the senses and a culinary journey that reveals the diversity and cultural richness of the country through its delicious dishes. And, here, you have been able to discover 5 essential dishes ranging from sancocho to mangú.

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