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5 restaurants to celebrate Chinese New Year in Madrid: the year of the Dragon begins

5 restaurants to celebrate Chinese New Year in Madrid: the year of the Dragon begins

The Year of the Dragon begins on February 10 and, to celebrate it, there is nothing better than these 5 gastronomic proposals to make you feel as if you were in the eastern giant, but without leaving Madrid.

Scallops with sweet ginger soy sauce, ponzu sauce and sweet chives, at Genko restaurant.


Genko restaurant room at 47 Velázquez street, Madrid.

GENKO (Velázquez Street, 47), the restaurant that exhibits a imposing 7 meter Chinese dragon that runs completely along the ceiling of the main hall, he could not miss this celebration nor fail to bring us the traditional dumplings, a typical dish on New Year’s Eve in all the houses of China, and also show us all the joy of the party with which welcomes the New Year of the Dragon.

New York Burger

Chinatown noodles, at New York Burger.

This unique dish fuses Chinese tradition with NYB authenticity. The basis of the recipe is some udon noodles sautéed in an iron skillet and seasoned with a homemade Chinese wok-style sauce, tasty and aromatic, with sesame and chives. The delicious pasta is topped by a juicy plated burger, bathed in a creamy smoked chili sauce, the kind that creates addiction. In short, Asian flavor plus its essence of embers, wood and smoke.

The Peruvian restaurant Oroya, located in the rooftop of The Madrid Edition hotelalso presents a proposal of dishes of Chinese and Peruvian origin to join the celebrations until next February 12.

If we want a most immersive experience, we must go to the Usera neighborhood. There we find what for many is the best Chinese restaurant in Madrid: Royal Cantonese, which, as its name suggests, offers us a selection of the most exquisite dishes of Cantonese cuisine. This place is legendary and everyone from actors to politicians has passed through its tables. Write down the address: Calle del Olvido, 92.

The menu of this restaurant offers from most popular recipessuch as stir-fried rice or Peking duck, to other lesser known specialties such as beef tendons or lamb intestines. Among the dishes that are most popular with the public are meat in oyster sauce, various dim sum and spicy prawns. And the atmosphere these days will make you travel to China without leaving Madrid.

On Olvido Street, 46 we find Mr. DouLaoa restaurant perfect hot pot to warm up and celebrate the Year of the Dragon as it deserves. In Madrid there are some very interesting restaurants of this type (such as Xiaolongkan in the Legazpi neighborhood), but today we go into the heart of Madrid’s Chinatown to discover this hidden treasure.

Now that you have discovered 5 restaurants to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Madrid, it is time to prepare your best clothes to receive the Year of the Dragon as it deserves. Of course, don’t forget to reserve, since these days getting a table can become an impossible mission. Ah! And don’t forget to open your Chinese fortune cookies, which, by the way, don’t come from where you imagine…

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